Tailo Mateus Gonsalves

I’m a software developer, minimalist who is passionate about helping people become more capable and productive with good habits.

I created this website in order to share my experiments in becoming a more effective and explores what it means to live a good life.

The benefits of journaling

Journaling is simply the act of thinking about your life and writing it down.

For a while, I tried deep breathing, meditation and other techniques to control my emotional. But nothing is being as effective as journaling. It works perfectly for me and you should find something that works for yourself.

“Life is a series of experiments”.

What journaling can do for you

There are some benefits, but for me the most important are:

Learn new lessons from old experiences. Reading your old journal entries is a bit like to see the past in a different way.

Sharpens your memory. Time will change your face without you noticing, but it will also change your thoughts without you realizing it. It can be surprising because it reminds you of how you thought.

Proof of your progress. Writing down one sentence about what went well today gives you something powerful to look at when you’re feeling down. When you have a bad day, it can be easy to forget how much progress you have made.

How to make it easy

There’s no one right way to journal. You can do it whatever way you want. Journaling doesn’t need to be a big production. Just write one sentence about how you feel during the day, problems, ideas or good outcomes.