Tailo Mateus Gonsalves

I’m a software developer, minimalist who is passionate about helping people become more capable and productive with good habits.

I created this website in order to share my experiments in becoming a more effective and explores what it means to live a good life.

Sometime ago I changed my life and you can change yours, too

I found a new way of living

Inspired by Hal Elrod's The Miracle Morning, I readapted my routine sometime ago, wanting to be better, I found a new way of living. The main purpose of the book is to wake up 1 hour earlier and dedicate this time to yourself, to the improvement of yourself.

To maintain a successful routine and do things that make us develop ourselves, we need to create new habits, our bodies have to get used to the new way of living. But, of course, nothing is so simple, it's normal to want to give up right at the beginning and return to old habits, that is what our body wants most. The book explains how to create a habit using three stages:

  • [Days 1–10] Stage 1: Unbearable - Despite the first few days of excitement, the sensation will soon be painful. Your mind and body will try to reject change. But this phase is temporary.
  • [Days 11–20] Stage 2: Uncomfortable - You will be getting used to your new habit. At this stage it will still be tempting to go back to your old behaviors.
  • [Days 21–30] Stage 3: irreversible- Where transformation takes place, your new habit becomes part of your identity. But nothing to stops at that moment, you should maintain your new condition for the future.

During the weekdays, this is my routine. I usually wake up 6:30 a.m., although I start working at 8 o'clock, I do this for a few reasons:

06: 30 am – 06: 35 am -> I stretch.

06: 35 am – 06: 40 am -> I make a list of goals and what I can do to reach them.

06: 40 am – 06: 50 am -> I read books.

06: 50 am – 07: 00 am -> For my personal development, I read some articles or watch some videos that will add somehow to my growth.

07: 00 am – 07: 15 am-> I write something, for example this text, now it's 7:42 am.

07: 15 am – 07: 30 am -> For my professional development, I read some articles or watch some videos that will add somehow to my growth.

07: 30 am – 07: 50 am -> Having breakfast, just as important as the other things.

In addition to these things I do in the morning, I usually add two more things at night, but not at a specific time:

Studying English -> For 1 hour

Exercise -> 30 minutes minimum

If you want to improve your routine, remember that in the beginning this process will be difficult, difficult things tends to make you give up. However, doing things that help us become better people every day causes you to grow in all aspects of your life.